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Paint Correction is a delicate and time consuming art that requires the right skill-sets, quality products and state of the art gear.  Our clients peace of mind is our top priority, that's why we keep our team up to date with the latest, modern and safest techniques in our industry.

Each vehicle is approached accordingly to maximize results and achieve your expectations within your budget. Stop by anytime, one of our Paint Correction Specialists will personally inspect your vehicle and provide you with a detailed recommendation based on the condition.




Ideal for light colored vehicles in reasonable condition where only very light paint marring is present.

A big transformation in the condition of the paint can be achieved

Results will be an enhanced amount of gloss and clarity in the paint.

٭Starting at $495٭




Removes deeper wash/dry marring and a variety of other light to medium defects within the paint.  First step of the process will remove the defects, second will restore the clarity.  Ideal for any color vehicle in good-fair condition.

Results will be a substantial increase in gloss and clarity due to the removal of the paint imperfections.

٭Starting at $795٭



Removes the deepest imperfections while preserving as much of the existing clear coat as possible.  This is a true restoration process that takes time, patience and knowledge to complete.  Careful paint measurements ensures the work can be performed safely.

Results can be a dramatic increase in gloss and clarity based on the amount of clear coat present on the vehicle.

٭Starting at $1000٭

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